Maximize Your Motivation


This module of the Emotional Fitness System contains both a video and an audio training component. In the 24-minute video exercise, Dr. Pratt guides you first in balancing your body’s polarity. This is followed by a comprehensive tapping sequence designed to clear away the blocks to focus and the limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving the high level of focus you desire. The Bridge exercise helps distribute the process throughout the brain. Additional tapping exercises expand on this to release the mental and emotional roadblocks to your success. 

The audio component is a 28-minute hypnotic meditation designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This state of relaxation will help you change your brain and subconcious, install positive beliefs about motivation, help you visualize and create your new reality.

Use this program to maximum effect by completing the tapping exercise followed by the hypnotic meditation exercise. You can benefit from each of these exercises individually; however, used together, these exercises multiply the benefits gained for far greater effect.

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Video Tapping Sequence

Please do the video tapping sequence followed by your choice of audio programs below.


Now choose the meditation that corresponds with how you would like to feel at the end, energized or ready to sleep.

Daytime Meditation


Bedtime Meditation