Instant Emotional Healing

Acupressure for the Emotions

The revolutionary, highly effective technique that allows you to free yourself from emotional hang-ups—forever!

Does your fear of flying make travel with friends and family impossible? Are you having trouble coping with the loss of a loved one or forgiving yourself for a mistake you made long ago? For the millions of people who suffer from phobias, anxieties, or distressing emotions such as anger, guilt, and grief, the breakthrough science of Thought Field Therapy—an easy-to-use practice often referred to as “acupressure for the emotions”—can make a remarkable difference. In this groundbreaking book, psychologists Peter Lambrou and George Pratt make their highly successful techniques available to everyone through simple exercises that anyone can use to treat everyday emotional roadblocks with immediate and permanent results.

A blend of Western psychotherapy and Chinese medicine, Thought Field Therapy (or TFT) uses the body’s meridian energy systems to treat emotional issues that can take years to unravel through traditional, talk-based therapy. A combination of breathing and relaxation exercises, affirmations, and tapping on specific pressure points on the body, TFT can instantly eliminate problems such as a fear of flying or public speaking, addictive urges, or painful emotions such as embarrassment or regret. Used on thousands of people with a 95 percent success rate, the step-by-step methods inInstant Emotional Healing now allow you to master this amazingly simple, astonishingly effective practice for yourself—and open the door to a lifetime of emotional control and well-being.

Length: 261 pages
ISBN: 0062063154
Publisher: HarperOne; Reprint edition (April 3, 2012)
Language: English

From Publishers Weekly

Drawing on techniques ranging from focused thought to breathing and acupressure, Lambrou and Pratt guide readers through an Emotional Self-Management program, which they contend will dramatically accelerate the therapeutic process. Clinical psychologists who are experienced in hypnosis, Lambrou (coauthor with Brian Alman of Self-Hypnosis: The Complete Manual for Health and Self-Change) and Pratt (A Clinical Hypnosis Primer) have found that the healing of anxiety, phobias and other emotional traumas is often delayed because of energy blockages that can stem from polarity reversals in a person’s electromagnetic field. According to the authors, relief from chronic symptoms, often instantaneous, can be achieved once these blockages are cleared. ESM includes identifying emotional states, breathing and tapping along pathways, or meridians (the same ones used in acupuncture), to release energy for healing. Stories of patients, including children and teenagers, who have found relief through ESM provide a glimpse into a variety of applications. Those familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, the chakra system or Carolyn Myss’s work will likely find much of this material oversimplified, but for those who are new to energy medicine, this is a good introduction to techniques that can be self-administered without risk of physical harm. (Feb.)
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From Library Journal

Lambrou and Pratt are clinical psychologists with solid credentials, and this book is a cumulation of their research into using Eastern energy theories to heal unhealthy emotions. Their procedures, called “emotional self-management” (ESM), work for virtually any emotional issue, including pain, heartache, anger, and phobias. ESM is totally portable and offers instant relief once one gets the hang of the procedures, which include a combination of acupressure, tapping on pressure points, eye movements, and positive internal statements. This is do-it-yourself therapy. The authors are quick to point out, however, that serious clinical depression and addictions need professional intervention. Wonderfully detailed with step-by-step instructions and pictures, this book can offer a good dose of help to just about anyone. The authors’ instructions are uncomplicated, and their anecdotal evidence of success rates is very encouraging. Highly recommended.
-Marija Sanderling, Rochester P.L., NH 
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