Helping Parents and Children Heal from Divorce

When parents divorce for whatever reasons, one of their highest priorities should be the well-being of their children. From toddlers to teens, and even for young adult children, the impact of divorce on their lives can be significant and even profound. I’d like to provide some guidelines or tips based on ancient Hawaiian concepts to help parents make the decision to divorce – the process of divorce – and the aftermath of divorce, as minimally unsettling as possible on their child or children.

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Dr. Pratt is Vice-President of the Making the World a Better Place Foundation.  The mission of the Foundation is to assist children and their families in overcoming the negative impact of traumatic life experiences especially that of divorce. Each year, more than a million children experience the divorce of their parents, and many must deal with the emotional fallout alone, frequently leading to drug and alcohol abuse, depression, juvenile delinquency, suicide and other emotional problems.