Balanced breathing takes about two minutes.  Sitting in a straight-back chair is best, but Balanced Breathing can be done while lying down or in a standing position.

1. Cross your left ankle over your right ankle.

2. Extend both arms straight out in front of you.

3. Cross your right arm over your left arm at the wrist.

4. Rotate the palms of your hands so that they are facing and interlock your fingers.

5. Rotate your hands down toward your stomach.

6. Continue rotating inward so that you bring your hands up close to your chest.  At this point you have crossed the center line of your body with your hands, arms and legs.

Once in the proper position, inhale through your nose while touching the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.  Exhale through your mouth, resting your tongue on the floor of your mouth.

Focus your thoughts on the concept of balance.  It might be the idea of the balance of mind and body or just the word “balance.”  At the same time picture in your mind an image that represents balance.  This could be the image of a scale, or standing on one foot.  Throughout the two-minute process, breathe comfortably.  Don’t worry if you are not always able to hold the thought or image; come back to it if you drift away.

Video Demonstration