Experience the magic of swimming with dolphins in the wild along the pristine Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

You will have two half-days of memorable experiences with one of nature’s most interesting, graceful and intelligent mammals—Hawaiian Spinner dolphins.  After a full day of training that prepares you to expand your self-trust and connections with the world around you, our group will go on a chartered boat for two mornings of swimming among dolphins as they make their daily journey along the coast of Kona.  Along with a snorkel guide for every six people, you will experience this safe and mind-expanding opportunity to float in Hawaii’s warm and crystal clear coastal water as dolphins swim around you.  Research indicates a healing effect on mood from interaction with dolphins.  The phenomenal feeling of letting go and opening yourself to the experience of the dolphins will be integrated in the truing to provide an experiential memory that will endure for a lifetime.