Making the World A Better Place Foundation Vision:

The Making the World A Better Place Foundation will be a recognized leader in promoting and teaching various skills and concepts to both  educate and create the awareness of  divorcing parents of the need to protect their children from the often devastating effects of their divorce. All parents want the best for their children.  These children will be the leaders of our country in the future, and having parents understand the importance of this protection and how to accomplish this goal  is our vision for healthier families whether divorcing or intact.

The Making the World A Better Place Mission:

The mission of  Making the World a Better Place Foundation is to foster emotional, mental and physical well-being of divorcing parents in order to help the next generation of children have a less traumatic childhood.  Between 40-60% of all marriages end in divorce and each year, millions of children find themselves with divorcing parents who are often ill prepared to help their children through this time in their lives.  Educating parents on how to protect their children’s emotional health and how to help them find healing for themselves and their children during this difficult time will help strengthen America’s families

The Foundation’s documentary film, The Place of Refuge–Calming the Storm of Divorce, offers a new approach to divorce, educating parents and providing practical ways of creating a child-centered,amicable restructuring of the family. Narrated by Larry King, the film features top mental health professionals, who will present the latest and most effective therapies and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to help divorcing parents disconnect from their anger, frustration and revenge, and begin to resolve the wounds and pain of their past so they can be emotionally available and present for their children.

Another process that is shown in the film is the use of Energy Psychology, a modern day healing process designed to help resolve emotional issues. It is considered a family of interventions that are highly effective in empowering people of all ages to relieve their negative emotional states and behaviors. It is believed that childhood negative events, including natural disasters, traumas, negative messages or abuse can have a major impact on us, and unless these issues are healed, they are brought into our adult lives affecting our self-esteem, our health, our future and our relationships with others. When these negative memories are healed, symptoms often dissolve, frequently within minutes, and people’s lives are transformed.