by June Rouse

Carrying information that’s almost a cross between the accomplishments of cherished superheroes and the magical deeds of Harry Potter, INSTANT EMOTIONAL HEALING comes upon the scene.

Authors Peter Lambrou, Ph.D. and George Pratt, Ph.D., staff psychologists at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California, offer us lessons in acupressure for the emotions, along with clear explanatory graphics and organization that makes research quite simple. Name the sensation that’s getting you down; it is very likely among the numerous ones listed along with the antidote. I must admit when the book first appeared in the office, my cynical first reaction to the title was “Uhhuh.”  But the invaluable procedures and explanations within opened my eyes.

“Articulate, empathetic and accustomed to reaching and teaching people from all walks of life, Dr. Lambrou and Dr Pratt…have documented a breakthrough means of controlling emotions and changing negative emotions….[Their] therapy, Emotional Self-Management, which combines Western Cognitive Thought Therapy with acupressure, can help and eradicate quickly the emotional dilemmas that plague even healthy individuals.

Because this system’s methods can be learncd and practiced outside a clinical setting, Emotional Self-Management techniques can have immediate and long-lasting effects.”

That this revolutionary technique can heal emotional pain instantly is quite a big order, yes, but before you discount it, try it. Among other things, the book answers questions about the connection between acupressure points and meridians (which are physical) and emotions; removing a negative pattern; the healing of serious issues such as traumas and phobis; and even how it can help with problems like weight loss, smoking and addictions, lack of self-confidence, PMS, and children’s problems, including tantrums and social awkwardness.

It would be a disservice not to share Instant Emotional Healing as a book that you will refer to as benefit to yourself and those you care about. (Hardcover, approx. 200 pages, $25, Broadway Books.)