The insight of Dr. George Pratt, Chairman of the Department of Psychology at Scripps Memeorial Hospital, La Jolla, California, was invaluable in the process of deepening and enriching my understanding of Puller Monk, as well as helping me get a better handle on the creative process itself.

Gene Riehl was an FBI agent for more than twenty years, serving in Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego, California. As an agent he worked virtually every category of federal crime – including kidnapping, extortion, bank robbery, major art and jewelry thefts, and organized crime – but he specialized in undercover assignments, foreign-counterintelligence and counterespionage.

After a three-year deep undercover assignment in a major American city, he was assigned to a Special Operations Group (SOG), an off-site team that conducted special surveillances, short-term undercover operations, and provided support for sensitive wiretap investigations. The four years Riehl spent with the SOG are the basis for his television project BLACK OPS:FBI, which is in development in Hollywood.