The Mental Mastery of Chemotherapy is a story about how one patient, David Nethero, put into practice the mind/body techniques that Dr. Pratt taught him to overcome the extreme side effects of chemotherapy, to complete chemo successfully and most importantly with great spirit and strength.    The book tells how, based on George’s teachings, David used positive mental imagery and meditation to program his subconscious mind to be uplifted and constructive – even during this difficult 26 weeks of chemo!
In his book, David explains how you can use these techniques to:
  • use the power of the mind to master the ill effects of chemotherapy
  • develop your own positive mental images that permeate your thinking and change your life
  • experience guided meditation and become all you can be to the loved ones around you
  • gain peace of mind as you journey through your chemotherapy experience
  • take control of your mental state and gain positive energy-even while undergoing chemotherapy
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