Would you like to be happier and less stressed?   Go outside!

Anything that puts you in regular contact with nature has a decidedly positive impact on the nervous system. Fractals are patterns in nature that repeat at different scales.  These patterns […read more…]

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New Screening Recommendations for Depression

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported last week on the recommendation of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force that all pregnant and postpartum women to be screened for depression.  Dr. Pratt discusses research showing that maternal depression during and after pregnancy often goes unidentified and untreated presenting a significant potential risk to both the baby and the mother. Maternal depression is associated with pre-term birth, low birth weight, lower academic achievement, and an increased risk of mood and anxiety disorders across the child’s lifetime.  Universal implementation of this [ more...]

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Mental Mastery of Chemotherapy

The Mental Mastery of Chemotherapy is a story about how one patient, David Nethero, put into practice the mind/body techniques that Dr. Pratt taught him to overcome the extreme side effects of chemotherapy, to complete chemo successfully and most importantly with great spirit and strength.    The book tells how, based on George's teachings, David used positive mental imagery and meditation to program his subconscious mind to be uplifted and constructive - even during this difficult 26 weeks of chemo! In his book, David [ more...]

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No Joke: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Dr. Pratt is interviewed for this Union Tribune article on laughter and health. By Erinn Hutkin Special to U-T San Diego 12:01 a.m. April 1, 2014 April Fool’s Day means humor, and in society, funny can be found everywhere, from TV to movies to comedy clubs and social media and of all places, even medical facilities and hospitals. Around San Diego and elsewhere, hospitals and other medical offices are offering classes in laughter yoga for community members, employees and patients with conditions such as cancer [ more...]

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Neanderthals Never Used Freeways – from Hyper-Performance by Drs. Pratt & Korn

Neanderthals never used freeways or they would likely have been plagued by many of the same stress related illnesses we have in our present society. We inherited our fight or flight reaction from our primitive ancestors who were more worried about sabre-toothed tigers and dinosaurs than adjustable rate mortgages and traffic snarls on the way to work. Fortunately for them, the tiger or tyrannosaurus was either fought or fled from, and the biochemical responses to those threatening situations usually subsided within a few hours. Unfortunately [ more...]

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