“It’s weird and worth it.”

In an interview for Thrive Global, Adam Artemis spoke with Jeremy Haynes about getting hypnotized for success. Jeremy is a high-level digital marketer who contributes a lot of his success to being hypnotized. He talks about the process, how it happened and the results he’s seen from it.

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The results have been substantial for me. The biggest result has been a complete removal of that smaller inner voice of doubt. It’s completely gone.

I’m much more productive, I have no social anxiety, I speak with more conviction and confidence, my goals feel more real and satisfy me more as I achieve them. I’ve also noticed more clarity accessing data internally, along with better moods and sustained energy.

Every action I take towards my goals, feels significant and appreciated, which is a big change for me compared to how I used to feel about my success and accomplishments.

Jeremy Haynes