To give yourself a simple demonstration of neuromuscular feedback, all you need is a few minutes with a willing partner to serve as tester,  Your partner does not need to know any background or detail; all they have to do is follow these simple instructions.

This is the position for conducting neuromuscular feedback. This will be used for checking polarity.

1 Palm to head

Place your hand lightly on top of your head, palm down.  It doesn’t matter which hand you use.  Hold the other arm out to the side and have your tester apply slight downward pressure.

2 Back of hand to head

Now turn your hand over, so that the back of your hand is resting against your head.  Have your tester apply downward pressure again.

Remember that the difference between testing strong and testing weak is slight, typically from 5 to 15 percent.  This will normally be enough to feel a distinct difference.

These are the illustrations for checking for biofield polarity. Figure A should test strong and figure B should test weak if the person is properly polarized.


These are illustrations of a test resulting in ‘Reversed Biofield Polarity’ and notice the position of the palm of the person’s hand over top of their head. Disrupted or disorganized polarity may also yield a weak response on both positions of the hand over top of the head, or a strong response in both palm positions over top of the person’s head.