The twentieth century had its share of medical miracles.  I should know.  When you’ve survived a heart attack, had quintuple bypass surgery, and you’re still going strong a quarter-century later, it gives you a pretty healthy appreciation for modern medicine.

Still, there are some aspects of the human condition medicine can’t touch.  Or at least it couldn’t until now.  Modern medicine has made us a lot healthier—but what about happier?  That may be where the frontier of medicine lies in this still young century.  And one of the undisputed masters of that new frontier is a clinical psychologist named George Pratt.

The first time I met Dr. Pratt he was a guest on Larry King Live, talking about a fascinating approach to healing our emotions and creating lasting improvements in our productivity and sense of fulfillment.

“Whether it’s an unresolved hurt, persistent low self-esteem, or vague sense of anxious unease, said Dr. Pratt, “most of us struggle with some version of what we call the fog of distress.  It clouds our lives, interfering with our relationships, our careers, even our health.  And no matter how many hours you spend on the couch, taking it through just doesn’t always do it.”

Why not?

“Because there’s typical a disconnect, he explained, “between what we logically know about ourselves and the place in the brain where our emotions live.  Sometimes you just can’t get there from here.  You have to find alternative ways to get that information to click.”

Alternative ways like what?  Like energy psychology.

If you’ve never heard the term before, you’re not alone.  Neither had I, before that show.  But in the years to come, you and I will be hearing about it plenty.  It refers to innovative techniques that affect the body’s energy systems, almost like a 60,000-mile tune-up of the thoughts and emotions.  Using these techniques, as my distinguished guest explained it, you can clear out the past traumas and events that created those disconnects in the first place.  The result?  It’s something like what happens when a fresh wind blows away the clouds: the sun comes out.

“Actually,” he added, “it’s a pretty easy thing to do.  And it works.”

Dr. Pratt has helped pro golfers and ballplayers improve their game, jilted young men and women get over heartbreak, estranged couples get their groove back.  He has helped people get past the trauma of terrible accidents, restart faltering careers, recover lost self-confidence, and move past irrational fears.

He has even helped one talk show host I know—me.

Even before we had him on the show that first time, I knew a little bit about the good doctor.  He had worked with two people on the Larry King Live staff, and they had gotten fabulous results from those sessions.  Soon I had him on as a guest again, and this time he talked about creating your own joy.

Now I was really intrigued.

We set up a time when he could give me a private demonstration of the approach you’re about to explore in this book.  So we’d have something to work with, I described an emotional issue in my own life.  What he did with it in the fifteen minutes we spent together blew my mind.  To say it was impressive would be a crime of understatement.  It was remarkable.  when he says it;s a simple and easy process, he’s not kidding.  When he says it works, he’s not kidding there either.

George Pratt is a true modern-day healer, and what he and his colleague, dr. Peter Lambrou, have created in the pages you’re about to read is a brilliant formula for tapping into our highest potential.  I predict it will change many people’s lives for the better.

Including yours.

Whatever is going on in your life, whatever is keeping you from being as successful, as productive, as flat-out joyful as you’d like to be, there’s a path that will take you there.  I know, because I’ve experienced it firsthand.

Larry King