We all want to give and receive love as part of our lives. However, when love doesn t work out, you may be stricken by the pain of lost or broken love, often called a broken heart. This feeling of love pain can disrupt your balance in life in both practical and profound ways including loss of concentration, sadness, lack of energy, and becoming blocked from moving ahead in life. When love is lost, trust broken, or your heart breaks, the shock, disbelief, and even emotional trauma can damage your ability to function at work, at school, with family and friends, dampen your enjoyment of the usual pleasures of life and feel blocked in future love relationships. But you don t have to remain stuck in the grip of love pain.

By watching the Healing Love Pain DVD, you ll be able to actively participate in healing your own love pain as Dr. Pratt walks you through a blend of Western cognitive processes and Eastern healing methods. Emotional Self-Management (ESM), an Energy Psychology technique, uses the body s acupressure meridian system to treat emotional issues that can take years to unravel through traditional, talk-based therapy. ESM is a combination of breathing and relaxation exercises, focused thought, affirmations and tapping on specific pressure points in the body. It can rapidly eliminate emotional problems and blocking beliefs. The treatment has an effect on the subconscious and conscious mind as well as the body energy system. Learn these valuable techniques that will continue to serve you as the inevitable stressors of living come your way.

This 5 minute clip is a sample of the one-hour, full treatment in which Dr. George Pratt helps Rachael heal her broken heart.

The complete one-hour Healing Love Pain demonstration is available on DVD.