Throughout these exercises, keep your head level, facing straight ahead.  Move only your eyes, not your head.

This is a part of the Protocol for all emotional targets. It fits between two Tap Sequences and serves to activate various regions of the brain as you activate the Back of Hand treatment site.

Eye Roll

Begin with your eyes closed. Open your eyes, look down (at the floor if you’re standing, or into your lap if you’re sitting), and with your eyes, slowly trace an imaginary line straight forward across the floor to the wall in front of you. Continue slowly rolling your gaze up the wall to where it meets the ceiling and then back toward you across the ceiling until you are looking above you; stop there. Give it a try now – the whole sequence should take about eight seconds.

Once you feel comfortable doing the Eye Roll, add the Back-of-Hand Tap, keeping up a steady tapping rhythm all the way through. The Eye Roll sequence consists of the eight-second eye movement while continuously tapping the Back-of-Hand spot.

The Bridge

The objective of The Bridge is to integrate the emotional thought throughout the various regions of the brain. Counting is a left brain hemisphere activity while music (humming a short tune) is a right brain activity. The eye movements activate the visual cortex and other brain regions. Below are the instructions.

The Bridge is a series of eye movements, humming, and counting done while continuously tapping the Back of the Hand acupoint.

Begin with your eyes open. Remember to tap the Back of Hand spot during the entire time you do these eye movements, humming and counting.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Open your eyes and while holding your head level, glance down to the right.

4. Glance down across to the left.

5. Rotate your eyes in a 360 degree circle to the left. Make certain to move your eyes in a full circle not cutting across any parts of the full sweep.

6. Next, rotate your eyes in a full circle to the right. If it helps to make a couple of circles in each direction that is fine.

7. Count from 1 to 5.

8. Hum a few notes of a familiar tune such as, “Happy Birthday to You,” or “Row, Row Your Boat.” You can even make up a tune of your own.

9. Count back from 5 to 1.

Try this a few more times. Practice so that you can do the nine steps from memorry or with the aid of the visual prompts provided. Then continuously tap the Back-of-Hand spot as you go through the whole sequence.

Video Demonstration