Tap sequence for Emotional Trauma

  • Check SUDS
  • Balanced Breathing
  • Polarity Reversals
  • Tap Sequence:

Eyebrow → Outside Eye  → Under Eye  → Under Arm  → Collarbone  → Thumbnail  → Under Arm  → Collarbone  → Little Fingernail  → Collarbone  → Index Fingernail


  • Bridge
  • Repeat Tap Sequence
  • Recheck SUDS
  • Eye Roll

Choose a statement that fits the situation most closely or use a variation that feels appropriate to your situation.


“I forgive them/him/her, because they could not have done differently.”


“I forgive him/her but I do hold him/her accountable.”

I let go of this anger for my own well-being.”

“There is forgiveness in my heart.”


“I forgive myself, I know that I could not have done differently.”


“I forgive myself, I did the best I could under the circumstances.”

“I couldn’t help it at the time.”

“There is forgiveness in my heart for my own well-being.”